The new 2800i, 2500i and 2800i EVAP generators released in 2020, have improved key design elements to tackle the rigors of Commercial Mobile (CM) applications.  

Cummins is pleased to announce the release of an optional CM warranty for the Onan 2800i and 2500i generator family with a two year/2000 hours parts and labor warranty for non RV applications. This warranty has been tailored to help protect customers from unplanned maintenance and improve the overall uptime for their vehicle’s power source. The standard base RV warranty offers a one year/1000 hours coverage for non RV applications.
      Featured Benefits

  • 50 state and Canada emission compliant towables
  • 40% more oil capacity
  • Oil level Shutdown
  • Oil Temperature Shutdown
  • Inverter temperature monitoring and shutdown
  • No daily oil checks necessary between maintenance intervals
  • No nuisance tripping of circuit breaker
The new 2800i family of generators have many improved features such as reduced noise vibration, improved power quality, improved fuel economy, and elimination of fuel varnishing. There is now a 2800i with an EVAP fuel system for towable installations in all 50 United States and Canada. Additionally, many features are beneficial to Commercial Mobile customers such as 40% more oil capacity, improved inverter temperature monitoring and shutdown, and no daily oil checks are needed between maintenance intervals.

To learn more about the new 2500i and 2800i CM warranty coverage, please visit QuickServe Online and search A065D969 . This warranty coverage will be offered at a published price of $148. 

Please contact your Cummins Account Executive for further details.